Who Makes Truvada for PrEP?

We’ve compiled all the facts about Truvada including who makes it, the availability of generics in the market, the safety of those generics, and when these generics will be launched. After reading this article you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to determine if Truvada or one of its generics is right for you.

PrEP is one of the first medications recommended to individuals at a high risk of acquiring HIV. Prevention is better than treatment. Since HIV has no cure, it’s important to know the prevention strategies with Truvada medication or its generic alternative.

Using PrEP with other safer sex methods can reduce the chances of acquiring the virus up to 99% or more. Here is detailed info on PrEP manufacturers, cons and benefits of brand-name drug as well as its generics. Are you looking for the best option? Here is what you need to know.

💊Truvada Pharmaceutical Company: Who Makes Original Pills?

Truvada was developed by the American biotechnology company – Gilead Sciences. Gilead Sciences is a global leader in the research and development of antiviral medications. Their work with HIV treatment and prevention led to the successful approval of Truvada to prevent the spread of HIV in high-risk populations [1].

Gilead combined tenofovir and emtricitabine to develop Truvada (TDF/FTC) in 2004 for HIV treatment. It was introduced into the market in 2012 and proved that it is an effective pre-exposure prophylactic (PrEP) against a partner to partner transmission of HIV. It is a medication that must be taken every day to be effective in providing higher protection from virus exposure [2].

Gilead holds the patent to Truvada. Its prices are extremely high and it’s not easily accessible to at-risk low-income populations who would benefit from it the most, but simply cannot afford the treatment.

Due to this, Gilead Sciences is the target of many activists, humanitarians, and health providers who seek to break the patent they hold to make TDF/FTC medication affordable and available to turn the tide on the HIV epidemic.

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🛒Benefits of Buying Truvada from Gilead Sciences

As the developer of the drug, Gilead Sciences is the most knowledgeable about Truvada’s effective use and any complications from the drug. Gilead has a long history of success in the antiviral segment of drug development.

The company is committed to the prevention of HIV and works with many organizations throughout the world to get its drug in the hands of those who need it in the developing and developed countries. This means they have the most feedback from health professionals who prescribe this med for their at-risk patients. This feedback allows them to provide better resources for brand TDF/FTC users.

TDF/FTC for PrEP can be expensive, especially in the United States and other developed countries. However, Gilead Sciences is working to make it accessible to more patients regardless of financial background.

They’ve developed their Gilead Advancing Access program to help in paying for Truvada. This program is designed to help the insured, uninsured, and underinsured people. In fact, eligible commercially insured patients may pay as little as$0 co-pays for Truvada [3].

🏭Who Makes Generics of Truvada?

Generic versions of TDF/FTC are in high demand by the public who are concerned about the relatively high costs of Truvada. Pharmaceutical makers throughout the world are rushing to develop their own generic analogs of the drug. This will ultimately drive down the cost to provide this medication to the people who need it the most.

Apart from reducing the cost of treatment, having more than one provider ensures that the drug is easily available in several countries targeting especially low-income populations who are at a high risk of virus infection.

Generics are not without risk. Gilead Sciences as the original TDF/FTC manufacturer sponsored the original clinical trials and research. This means they developed strict formulations and manufacturing practices to gain approval for the drug by the US FDA and other world organizations, Gilead’s PrEP med is a safe, effective, and consistent product.

Generic medications have the same active substances as a brand drug but available at relatively lower prices. Most suppliers sell at more than 95% cheaper the cost of the brand-name drug.

Quality, effectiveness, and tolerability are retained (it must go through an approval process before being released to the market). With lower prices possible, these generic meds are safe to use.

Here are four reliable pharmaceutical companies who produce generic analogs of Truvada. They are summarized in the table below which includes the name of the company, some information about the company, and most importantly the name of the generic alternative [4].

Manufacturer About the Company Name of Truvada Generic
Mylan Inc. Mylan is a worldwide pharmaceutical company providing its 7,500 products (including HIV meds) to over 165 countries. Their mission states they are passionate about supplying access for all people in the world. Ricovir-EM
Cipla Limited Cipla was the first Indian company to gain US FDA approval in 1985. They are a leading disruptor in the pharmaceutical market bringing medical affordability to the US and the world market for over 30 years. Tenvir-EM
Emcure Pharmaceuticals A fast-growing Indian pharmaceutical that is a developer and manufacturer of drugs across the globe. Actively marketing and shipping to over 70 countries. Tavin-EM
Hetero Drugs Limited Founded in 1993 in India, Hetero Drugs is well known as a maker and manufacturer of pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosages. They currently supply antiretroviral drugs to 125 countries worldwide. Tenof-EM

📅When Will Generic Truvada Be Officially Launched?

Generic Truvada will arrive at the market officially sooner than expected. A generic version was stated to arrive in 2021 but Gilead Sciences as the original maker and patent holder announced in May of 2019 that the drug will be released in September of 2020 [5].

Availability of generic Truvada will open greater possibilities especially in terms of pricing as more people at high-risk of virus acquisition will have access to cheaper TDF/FTC meds. Teva will be the first pharmaceutical company to manufacture a generic version to the US market as it has gained exclusive rights from Gilead to manufacture a generic version of its brand med for PrEP.

⚖Truvada from Gilead Sciences Vs Generics: Main Pros and Cons

The safest and best choice when choosing any drug is the one that is the original patent holder. With Truvada being the only fully approved PrEP in the U.S., it makes logical sense to assume this med as your first choice.

However, this route can be extremely expensive. Despite their efforts to reduce costs and provide access, Truvada still is well out of reach of many who need it the most. Higher prices force a lot of people to seek alternatives to brand name drugs. This can be risky (if the drug isn’t from a recognized manufacturer), and especially before the official launch of generic Truvada.

This does not mean that it is impossible to find safe, effective analogs to TDF/FTC at a price that is fair and affordable for most. Gilead Sciences chose not to rigidly enforce their patent on Truvada in an effort to combat the world’s HIV crisis in the developing world. This made the drug more affordable and available at a lower cost worldwide.

HIVPrEP supplies information about alternative and safe sources for these and other drugs. Our goal is to give you the right information, including which analogs are safe, to make an informed decision about your health. This article summarized what Truvada for PrEP is all about, who makes it, and what safe alternatives exist to the high-cost brand name drug.


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