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Proper medications and timely health screening can rescue people from getting HIV infection. Read more about pre-exposure prophylaxis and effective generic tablets to prevent HIV.

The branded Truvada pills are very expensive medication. People who undergo therapy with these drugs need to take them every day. You can do the math how much money is spent on this treatment plus the cost of lab work and office visits. Not all insurance plans cover the cost of this cure, and patients have to buy the tablets at their own expense.

Generic HIV pills are the most affordable and effective solution to this problem. They are sold under different names and by different companies, but they are the same powerful and safe as the original Truvada.

💊What Is Tenvir-EM?

So, what is Tenvir-EM? This is a generic variant of the labeled Truvada which is manufactured in India. This medication has a similar composition and produces identical therapeutic results as branded tablets.

Tenvir-EM is taken by people who are at high risk of getting HIV infection. It is consumed for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). The drug can also be used in a combination therapy by individuals who have already got the virus.

PrEP is a kind of treatment when a person starts taking the tabs beforehand. When he/she becomes exposed to HIV, the drug will block the virus from replicating, so that it will not be able to establish the infection. This applies to bisexual and gay men, to drug users who share the same needles, and heterosexual people who don’t use condoms regularly and have sex with high-risk partners.

Tenvir-EM is approved by the FDA for PrEP and guarantees effective results under regular administration. It can be used by adult individuals (both men and women) with a confirmed negative HIV-1 test. HIV-positive subjects need different kinds of therapy. If they proceed taking this medicine, the virus will be harder to cure [1].

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🔬Main Ingredients of Tenvir-EM

One tablet of Tenvir-EM combines two antiretroviral ingredients – tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (300 mg) and emtricitabine (200 mg). Both active components belong to a class of nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors. These elements incorporate into nascent DNA of the virus and terminate its chain. The virus becomes unable to multiply and reproduce its genetic material, and it cannot cause the infection.

Emtricitabine and tenofovir are rapidly absorbed and reach their peak concentration in plasma in one hour. Almost 80% of the dose is excreted with the urine. The elimination half-life of the ingredients is 10 and 17 hours respectively.

Inactive components include lactose, maize starch, cellulose, magnesium stearate, and others.

⚕How Does It Work?

Tenvir-EM is not a cure for HIV infection, but it is taken to stop the virus from growing and multiplying in the body. Taking this medicine for PrEP is a prevention strategy. Even if people become exposed to the virus, it cannot target the immune cells of a person and proliferate.

The therapy with Tenvir-EM implies a daily administration of the drug. The active components should always remain in the body. This helps the medicine fend off the infection when HIV enters the body.

The use of safe sex practices by patients gives the drug more chances to prevent HIV infection.

📅How to Use It for PrEP Safely?

PrEP includes more activities than just consuming the tablets. To use Tenvir-EM safely means that patients get support from their GP before and during therapy. The doctor monitors health condition of these people and decides if the pills are right for them. He can order specific tests and then write a drug prescription. Every three months the whole process starts over again [2].

This is very important to take Tenvir-EM in accordance with the prescribed dosing regimen. One tablet is taken orally in the fasted state or under fed conditions. It is used once a day at regular time intervals to keep the same amount of the drug in the blood. A pill is swallowed whole without splitting or crushing it.

Don’t forget to consume Tenvir-EM because skipping doses leads to a low amount of active substances in the blood, and the virus can become resistant to the medication.

If you skip a dose, don’t take two pills at a time. Take one tablet as soon as you remember and then follow the prescribed scheme.

If you overdose, contact your doctor or the nearest hospital.

Inform your physician if you have any health issues, like renal or hepatic impairment, hepatitis B or C, bone disorders, pregnancy, etc. Clinical response to Tenvir-EM should be closely monitored in these patients and in people older than 65.

Tell your GP about all the medicines which you consume. As emtricitabine and tenofovir are excreted with the urine, the other drugs can affect your renal function either.

Here is a list of the most clinically significant medicine interactions:

  • HIV 1 protease inhibitors (atazanavir, etc.);
  • hepatitis C antiviral agents (sofosbuvir, etc.);
  • nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors.

Certain tablets to cure pain, osteoporosis, bowel diseases, infections, and cancer cannot be administered with Tenvir-EM [3].

🏭Who Makes Tenvir-EM Tablets?

Generic Truvada is manufactured under the name of Tenvir-EM by the Indian pharmaceutical brand Cipla. This generic alternative is considerably less expensive than branded medicines.

PrEP drugs remain one of the most expensive medications. They require daily consumption, and this purchase becomes a heavy burden for every patient. Generic alternatives help get all the benefits of branded pills at an affordable price. Generics are sold cheaper because they are produced in countries with lower income under special licenses. All the tablets are made under the FDA supervision to ensure their quality.

They can be easily purchased from online sources. If you order Tenvir-EM from a reliable and trustworthy pharmacy like HIVPrEP, you always receive genuine and authentic PrEP drugs.

💵Where to Buy These Pills?

You can buy Truvada generics at a lower cost than they are offered for sale in local drugstores. You don’t need any prescription to make an order online.

The delivery of the medicines may take some time, so this is very important to place an order in advance or purchase a larger quantity of pills. Don’t let your supply run out, try to re-order Tenvir-EM before this happens.

Due to cost-attractive prices, Truvada generics can reach more at-risk population. However, finding suppliers who work directly with Indian pharmaceutical companies is a very important task.

Stay informed with HIVPrEP.


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