How to Purchase Tenvir-EM for HIV Prevention in the UK?

Truvada was the first approved brand-name med for PrEP. But the cost of this drug is extremely high. Thanks to the introduction of generics. Tenvir-EM is a very effective and tolerable PrEP and HIV med. Here is what you know about this med accessibility in the UK, safety concerns and key takeaways.

In the UK, PrEP is widely popularized through government programs and initiatives as the country strives to eradicate HIV in the near future. Like the brand-name drug, Tenvir-EM as a generic containing FTC/TDF is highly effective.

In fact, it’s the most widely used med across the UK due to its availability and cheap cost. At HIVPrEP, we cover full info on Tenvir-EM popularity in the UK, buying tips as well as key takeaways to safely use this drug without harming your health.

⚖Tenvir-EM or Truvada: Which Medication Is More Popular in the UK?

Both drugs are widely popular in the United Kingdom. But in terms of usage, UK citizens prefer using the generic version such as Tenvir-EM. Why the generic version?

In comparison, generic versions of Truvada have the same active ingredients (TDF/FTC) as Truvada, meaning their efficacy and tolerability are the same [1].

Having been made legal and publicly available, generics are greatly surpassing Truvada in its usage. In fact, although Truvada is widely known as the brand med for PrEP and HIV treatment, Tenvir is more popular as a generic and is among the list of preferred choices for most people at higher risk of contracting HIV.

Why Tenvir-EM? Its prices favor every individual. This med is also readily available and can be accessed easily from all legal sources.

Being on Medicare, the cost of PrEP was prohibitive. Finding allowed me to continue my daily use. Thank you for keeping it affordable.

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🛒Buying Tenvir-EM in the UK

Tenvir-EM in the United Kingdom is easy to buy. Truvada can be accessed from the NHS or other initiatives at a subsidized cost [2]. But the prices cannot beat that of Tenvir-EM even with the application of Truvada discount or other price-reducing strategies.

For every single individual living in the UK, buying this med from a nearby clinic or pharmacy including the NHS is permitted. These places may put prices a bit higher.

Generics should cost less than $3 a tab. Some drugstores sell it below $2 and with the more tabs you order, the cheaper the cost. Comparing the price of Truvada and that of Tenvir-EM, it’s obvious that the generic counterpart is more than 95% cheap compared to the cost of Truvada.

Here is the price difference:

Truvada (30 pills) Average $1844 (or $61 per tab)
Tenvir-EM (30 pills) Average $59 (or 1.99 per tab)

These prices can vary especially if you order through subsidized programs or from online suppliers. As for Tenvir-EM, its prices can slightly vary from various drugstores but still can be cost-effective especially to low-income populations.

💻Is It Safe to Buy PrEP Pills Online?

In an online connected world where everything cannot be trusted, buying meds OTC online via mail order should be done with extra care. Not every supplier or drugstore is trustworthy or reliable.

There have been counterfeits of medications sold online, which does not meet the requirements demanded by the FDA and WHO [3]. Some of these fake meds are not fit for human consumption since it contains harmful chemicals that can pose life-threatening experiences.

Nonetheless, Tenvir-EM drug contains the same active ingredient as Truvada, which is approved in this country, so it is safe. This med can be bought either by a doctor’s prescription or over-the-counter at an online pharmacy at a cheaper price.

Online delivery is the best option favoring many UK citizens. Your health is paramount and it is necessary to trust only reliable drugstores for all your meds. For example, check the site contact info, quality of their content, security of the site, reviews among other determinant factors.


It’s very important to consult with a doctor before taking Tenvir-EM or any other ED medication. There are some things you must check, including your HIV status, since PrEP is for uninfected individuals.

Taking this drug while infected can cause the drug to be resistant to HIV. This is because an additional med is needed for a complete regimen for anti-HIV meds. TDF/FTC alone is not recommended for treating HIV, and if used as PrEP while infected with the virus, this can be a challenge when treating the virus in the body.

PrEP is for those individuals who are at a higher risk of being infected. Your doctor should assess your health and consider if you are healthy enough to use Tenvir-EM. In most cases, tenofovir (of TDF) is the most risk ingredient in PrEP meds known to cause some health problems, especially with the kidney functioning. Test also for hep B and C as well as STDs.

Always, commit to a three-month test for HIV as well as a test for creatinine and eGFR in blood for kidney function. For safety dosage and better performance, use this medication exactly as prescribed.

Generic Tenvir-EM is highly effective and tolerable just like Truvada. Dosage as PrEP should be taken every day. Missing a dose or taking it inconsistently lowers the concentration of Tenvir in the body creating a risk opportunity for the virus to enter the blood cells.


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