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What Is a Rapid HIV Test?

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Logan Morris

The human immunodeficiency virus, known by its abbreviation HIV, is a dangerous infection that has affected and continues to affect…

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Is Tenvir-EM Available in Malaysia?

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Who Makes Truvada for PrEP?

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Truvada for PrEP: Honest Reviews of Users

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What Happens When You Overdose on Truvada?

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5 years ago

HIVPrEP provides necessary information about HIV and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to the global audience – targeting individuals who need to protect their health from HIV. We strive to build a patient-driven healthcare community while promoting in-depth and valuable information to inform and educate the public about prevention against HIV (as PrEP) as well as treatment medications with the aim to help patients live happy, healthier, and longer lives even with the virus.

For Whom Will This Site Useful

HIV has no cure. While the world is heading towards creating global awareness with effective therapies and guidelines to eradicate this epidemic, we are at the forefront of providing useful information to individuals who need to stay safe and protected against HIV. If you don’t want to risk getting HIV and care about the health of yourself and others, then this site is for you.

Being infected with the virus is not the end for an individual. At HIVPrEP, we have helpful resources with the right medication references to help them get proper medications and live healthily.

HIVPrEP is for everyone who needs to access the database of factual information on HIV and PrEP. We want to spread the word about HIV awareness and use every opportunity to educate our visitors with the right information on how best they can stay safe from HIV.

No matter where you come from, this website has all the necessary data on HIV prevention and treatment.

Verified Information According to the Latest Researches

HIVPrEP is a trusted online hub primarily developed to offer articles related to HIV PrEP treatment. We don’t just post articles; our articles are quality, thoroughly researched, and from trusted medical resources as well as the own research or study of the author.

Our main focus is on HIV prevention. We put a lot of effort in providing detailed information about HIV prevention. It is important for people to understand how to prevent HIV since there are methods used to minimize further spread of the virus. But we don’t just stop there. We enlighten our readers about PrEP drugs and selecting the main pharmaceuticals or manufacturers who sell medications to prevent virus acquisition for those who are highly vulnerable to the virus’s acquisition.

Here are the main categories of HIVPrEP resource:

Basic Info

This category covers basic information about HIV and PrEP. Emerging issues in relation to HIV are our main focus. Creating awareness about HIV prevention and antiretroviral therapy through valid resources helps individuals exercise safe sex and effectively use the right medication strategy to cope with the risk of virus contamination.

PrEP Meds Info

PrEP is the first prevention strategy used to protect an individual from attracting HIV. This HIVPrEP category covers (through review and research) all medication info about PrEP. We rely on factual sources to lead you through individually-tailored medicines for HIV prevention. In fact, we cover everything related to PrEP drugs.


Apart from informative resources, we explore additional data on PrEP and HIV/AIDS manufacturers. What do they make? Are there generics available from these pharmaceuticals? We also look at other information like this. Being informed about various HIV PrEP pharmaceuticals helps you make the right decision when making purchases. This category gives you detailed info about PrEP drug manufacturers.

Buying Guides

This category is all about guides to buy PrEP drugs: prices, availability of drugs in different countries, and a lot more. Note that big pharma can make their prices what they want. How about those individuals from low-income populations? How can they afford their prescriptions?

We compare the prices of brand-name versions as well as generics with the same active substance. We focused on helping you get the right meds with as little money as possible. We save you a lot of time by bringing you the best online pharmacy drugstores that sell quality and approved HIV meds with impressive patient experiences.

Forewarned Is Forearmed

HIV is still a global epidemic without a cure. Although it’s treatable with highly effective medicines, it’s very important to understand your health, the meds you are using, and how to stay safe, be healthier, and live longer.

In contrast, prevention against HIV is paramount. It’s very important to know the problems with HIV and ways to figure them out. Prior knowledge of possible HIV dangers or problems gives an individual a tactical advantage to cope or overcome the status quo. Sexual activity is still the number one cause of virus transmission.

We created the HIVPrEP site to inform about PrEP strategies and HIV treatment methods. You have to stay informed and be armed with all the necessary tools just as the motive “forewarned is forearmed” goes.