Can You Purchase Tenvir-EM in Australia?

Truvada was the first and only approved brand med for PrEP. That has since changed with the introduction of its generic counterparts. Generics don’t just exist. They have the same quality, drug composition and effectiveness as Truvada but with a big advantage – the cost and easy availability. Here’s what you need to know when buying Tenvir-EM in Australia.

In Australia, awareness of PrEP is slightly lower than HIV where every individual is aware of. Willingness to use these medications can be challenging but the general outcome is based on drug efficacy, payments and perceived needs (or necessity).

Tenvir-EM is a highly effective med prescribed for both PrEP and HIV treatment using an additional medication to fully combat HIV in the body.

Can you buy Tenvir-EM in Australia? How is it compared to Truvada? These are the things we cover at HIVPrEP and here is the full info and a bonus on how to safely order this med OTC without prescription.

💊Is It Difficult to Buy Tenvir-EM in Australia?

In those early days, Truvada for PrEP was the only recommended drug for use by individuals at a high risk of HIV acquisition to stay safe and protected. Truvada is highly effective and tolerable med but it comes with a higher price.

Good news is that it’s not difficult to order generic versions of Truvada such as Tenvir-EM in this country. In fact, there are easy ways you can use and get your prescription without big hustle. Tenvir-EM and other generics are very popular and exist in various places including the government healthcare (in particular – pharmaceutical benefits scheme (or PBS)), clinics, pharmacies as well as online suppliers.

Tenvir has the same drug composition as Truvada. It’s made of FTC and TDF. Its efficacy and tolerability are exactly the same but what favors this med is the ease of availability and extremely lower cost.

Being on Medicare, the cost of PrEP was prohibitive. Finding allowed me to continue my daily use. Thank you for keeping it affordable.

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💵Tenvir-EM Vs Truvada: Price Comparison

Being cheap does not mean the drug is inferior, low quality or ineffective. Why a brand-name drug costs thousands of dollars yet the same generic counterpart costs more than 95% cheap its price?

Big pharma plays a big role in hiking prices and ripping-off the pockets of those who need to use this drug [1]. A quality drug should not be highly expensive. Availability of the likes of Tenvir-EM is a big relief to individuals who need to stay safe and protected. Tenvir prices favor ever person, especially those from low-income populations.

Here is a table comparing both prices:

Truvada (30 tablets) $1843.75 ($61.45 per pill)
Tenvir-EM (30 tabs) $59 ($1.99 per pill)

In Australia, the government has made the availability of PrEP to its citizens at a subsidized price through PBS. That means you can obtain PrEP medication in-store at some Australian pharmacies at a reduced cost if you have a Medicare card, as it is a requirement [2], [3].

Nonetheless, you can get the same drug online at less than $2 per pill. That’s still very cheap compared to the cost of brand Truvada even at a reduced cost.

🛒How to Purchase Tenvir-EM Safely?

It’s true that there are fake generic medications. This is because of the high demand for generics globally. But you should not be a victim of this trap.

Tenvir-EM contains the same ingredient as Truvada, which is approved in Australia, so it is safe. Fake meds can harm your health. It may contain poisonous chemicals which can be life-threatening and it’s safe to find the right supplier to sell quality and approved Tenvir-EM.

You can get Tenvir-EM either by doctor’s prescription or over-the-counter at an online pharmacy and it is much cheaper. This is the preferred means for many Australians.

With a prescription, you can get your preferred tabs from the PBS, chemist, pharmacy or a clinic near you. But, sometimes, their prices can be a bit higher or you prefer the privacy of the meds you order.

The best approach is to get a highly rated online supplier. There are many drugstores that offer to ship to your country. By the looks, and other investigations including the site security, availability of genuine resources, contact info, as well as genuine review among others, it’s easy to spot the genuine one.

Some good drugstores can give you free trial samples of their meds. This is a sign of safer drugstore. Always consult with a doctor before using this medication. Your health is paramount and its best to know your health before administering any new medication.


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