Tenofovir: Overview, Definition, Uses

In this article, you will find information about what Tenofovir DF is and how to take it correctly. The article also provides information on how to significantly save money on medication.

HIV is the worst diagnoses that a person can hear about after intercourse or sharing one needle. This disease has become too common to ignore and turn a blind eye to it. Not so long ago, HIV was an absolute sentence, now the situation, fortunately, has changed. There are drugs that can improve the situation and prevent the transition of HIV to AIDS. Of course, they don’t give a complete cure, but they allow to prevent the onset of AIDS as long as possible. Among there are tenofovir-based drugs (Viread).

💊What Is Tenofovir (Viread) Medication?

The medical definition of tenofovir DF (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate) is a nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor. This medicine is used in the treatment of HIV and HBV, significantly reducing their amount in the blood. Unfortunately, this medicine can’t completely destroy the virus but may reduce the likelihood of the onset of the disease active phase. It not only prevents the transformation of HIV to AIDS but also doesn’t allow the development of concomitant diseases, such as cancer or various infectious processes. In addition, by reducing the amount of virus in the blood, tenofovir (Viread) reduces the chance of HIV transmission to other people. Despite the reduction of this risk and effective prophylaxis, healthy people still need to be carefully protected during sexual contact with HIV carriers taking tenofovir.

In the treatment of HBV, the drug isn’t so effective, but it still shows good results, facilitating the state of an ill person. However, it doesn’t reduce the chance to infect with hepatitis through sexual contact other people and doesn’t prevent the development of hepatitis complications among which are liver cancer and cirrhosis [1].

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📅Tenofovir Uses

What is tenofovir? It is a relatively safe medicine, especially if to compare its effectiveness with possible damage to health. This medicine is used for facilitation of the situation with hepatitis, and in such cases, it is prescribed to adults and children from 12 years. For the treatment of HIV, it can be used by adults and children from two years [2].

This drug has two forms of production – tablets and powder. They are taken once a day, but the powder is the best to use during meals, while tablets don’t depend on food intake. Tenofovir will bring maximum benefit and minimum harm if you take it strictly according to instructions or as prescribed by your doctor. If not to take the drug every day, its effectiveness will decrease, but use it only one time per day because an overdose can be dangerous to health. If you don’t understand something in the instructions, be sure to contact your doctor for clarification. It is extremely important not to forget about to use tenofovir daily as each pass of intake allows the virus to adapt, and subsequent treatment becomes more and more difficult.

The powder must be taken without mixing it with water. The best option would be a fruit puree with a rich taste – it will mask the bitter taste of the medicine. The powder should be poured into a portion of puree and well mixed [3].

📝Main Instructions for Patients

Tenofovir must be used correctly and with considering all restrictions, otherwise, the harm to health could be irreparable. Before start medication, it is important to make sure that you have no allergic reaction to the drug and intolerance any of its components.

This drug may contribute to the development of osteoporosis, so be sure to tell your doctor if you already have this disease. It is also obligatory to consult with a doctor if you have in medical history broken bones or severe disorders in the work of liver and kidneys.

Women during lactation should abandon tenofovir, and during pregnancy or its planning, it is necessary to discuss with the doctor the possibility of using the drug and its maximum safe dosage [4].

This medicine may react to certain medications. Consultation with a specialist before purchasing tenofovir is necessary if you are taking the following medicines:

  • antiviral drugs;
  • aspirin;
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • gentamicin;
  • HIV medications containing darunavir, atazanavir, ritonavir, didanosine;
  • HIV medications containing tenofovir;
  • any prescription and non-prescription medicines that you take regularly, including vitamins and dietary supplements.

When taking tenofovir, be prepared for the fact that the immune system may act unpredictably. So, their possible reaction to infections, which already were in the body, but remained unnoticed by the immune system. As a result, a person may reveal symptoms of diseases with which he isn’t really sick. The specialist will tell what to do in such a situation [5].

⚖Tenofovir and Generics: Price Comparison

For people with chronic and, especially, incurable diseases, the quality of medicines is above all. Quality of life and even longevity depend on it. The cost of tabs also plays a big role, as regular use of medications significantly hit the budget. Viread (tenofovir) is an HIV treatment drug, well-known for its efficacy and safety, but it isn’t available to everyone. PrEP medicines can’t be taken from time to time, as this can significantly worsen the situation. Due to this, the constant use is necessary and price sometimes maybe a reason to refuse treatment. Fortunately, there is a lot of high-quality and inexpensive generics that everyone can afford for long use. These generics are a complete copy of the brand drug and of multiple uses: they prevent HIV to become AIDS reducing complications of the disease and, in addition, can be taken for lowering the amount of hepatitis B virus in the blood.

Is it worth to trust generics? Does their lower price affect quality? Tenofovir generics have an affordable price, as they are produced by Indian companies without brand extra charge. In addition, the Indian manufacturer uses a proven and the FDA approved recipe and doesn’t spend money on researches and development. You can find and buy generic products such as Tenvir-EM, Tavin-EM, Tenof-EM and some others in proven online pharmacies. If you need more information about tenofovir generics and other drugs, then you can visit HIVPrEP website.


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