The Main Information About Tenofovir Manufacturers

You may think that without HIV, you’d be living happily and pursuing your life passion with dignity. But remember, living with the virus doesn’t have to stop you living a happy, healthy, long, and fulfilling life. There’s always a solution to cope with HIV. Though it may completely change your life, with the right medical therapy and support, it is absolutely feasible to live the life of an average person who is HIV negative.

Tenofovir is a tablet belonging to a class of NRTIs drugs. It’s the world most recommended antiviral drug needed for treating HIV infections. The action of this drug is to reverse damage to the patient immune system by reducing the HIV-1 in the blood by preventing its multiplication action. Tenofovir is also indicated for treating hepatitis B (HBV) virus infection.

By inhibiting and blocking the action of an enzyme called reverse transcriptase – an essential component needed for the process of viral replication, tenofovir is able to reduce the risk of AIDS-related ailments. It prevents the virus from replicating and keeping its number as low as possible.

Including Tenofovir, anti-HIV medications don’t cure HIV. Using this drug as every day helps persons living with HIV live a healthier and longer life. HIV meds also decrease the threat of HIV transmission. To ensure you stay healthier and reduce the risk of HIV transmission, do not reduce, skip, or stop taking Tenofovir or any other HIV drugs unless your doctor or healthcare provider tells you to.

There are several versions of tenofovir drug available as fixed-dose drug combinations. There are original drug-name versions as well as generic versions that work exactly as their brand-name counterparts. At HIVPrEP, we cover insightful information on various HIV medications to help you stay informed and make the right decisions with the help of your doctor.

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🏭Who Is the Original Manufacturer of Tenofovir Meds?

Tenofovir disoproxil is a pro-drug form of tenofovir disphophate designed and sold by Gilead Sciences (the original tenofovir manufacturer) under the brand-name fumarate (TDF) – also known as VIREAD [1]. From the same form of pro-drug, Gilead Sciences has come up with a drug called tenofovir alafenamide which its mode of action is slightly different from that of tenofovir disoproxil [2].

Tenofovir disoproxil is now available in various pills as a combination drug with a number of other antiviral meds formulated into a single dose. Most recognized drug combinations include:

  • Atripla (a combination of tenofovir disoproxil, efavirenz, and emtricitabine);
  • Complera (a mixture of rilpivirine, tenofovir disoproxil, emtricitabine);
  • Stribild (a formulation of elvitegravir, cobicistat, tenofovir disoproxil, and emtricitabine);
  • Truvada (drug mixture of tenofovir disoproxil and emtricitabine).

There are other brand-names and generic versions of Tenofovir med. We cover this in the next section with their company name and other important information unique to each manufacturer.

💊Who Makes Generic Tenofovir?

There are various pharmaceutical companies producing generic versions of Tenofovir including Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd [3], Mylan Inc., Cipla Limited, Emcure Pharmaceuticals, Hetero Drugs Limited, Zentiva K.S among others [4].

It’s very important to note that generic medications have the same drug formulation and effectiveness as the original brand-version. These generics are approved by WHO and FDA to be used in the healthcare system.

The only difference between the two drugs (brand-name and its generics) is the cost. The price of brand-name versions is extremely very expensive. On the other hand, generic medications are very cheap (in most cases, it’s nearly 95-98% cheaper) compared to the brand-name counterparts.

The table below shows the general information of generic tenofovir produced from the five main pharmaceutical companies.

Manufacturer Brief Information About the Company Produced Generics
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. An Israeli pharma company specializing primarily in generic drugs (or products) in nearly every therapeutic field. It is well known for producing treatments for multiple sclerosis as well as a broad portfolio of respiratory meds.
  • Tenofovir Teva;
  • Reyataz;
  • generic drugs with abacavir;
  • generic drugs with lamivudine;
  • Epzicom;
  • Atazanavir Sulfate Capsules.
Mylan Inc. Mylan is among the top world’s largest supplier (by volume) of HIV/AIDS medications. The company has a portfolio of more than 7,500 products, ranging from prescription generic, brand-name, branded generic, as well as OTC remedies.
  • Tenofovir Disoproxil Mylan;
  • Symfi and Symfi Lo;
  • Cimduo; Efamat (efavirenz);
  • Alltera;
  • Anzavir-R;
  • Ricovir;
  • Ricovir-EM;
  • Ricovir-L;
  • Teevir;
  • Telura.
Cipla Limited Cipla is an Indian multinational pharma and biotechnology company with a strong record in developing medicines to treat respiratory, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other medical conditions.
  • Tenofovir Cipla (lamivudine/efavirenz/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate – Cipla);
  • Abamune-L;
  • Abamune;
  • Duovir (zidovudine+lamivudine);
  • Odimune;
  • Tenvir-L;
  • Zidovir (zidovudine);
  • Daruvir;
  • Synthivan;
  • Efavir;
  • Stavir;
  • Ritomune;
  • Nelvir;
  • generic drugs with nevirapine;
  • FDC (lamivudine, stavudine, nevirapine);
  • Lamivir HBV;
  • Indivan;
  • Atavir;
  • Zepdon;
  • Tenvir-EM;
  • Zidovir;
  • Entavir.
Emcure Pharmaceuticals An Indian pharma company producing a broad range of products including capsules, tablets, and injectables.
  • Tavin;
  • Tavin-EM;
  • Tavin-L;
  • Vonavir;
  • generic meds with indinavir;
  • Emnel (nelfinavir);
  • generic drugs with nevirapine;
  • Lazid;
  • Lazid-N;
  • Vonavir;
  • A-Bec (abacavir);
  • Abec-L (abacavir & lamivudine);
  • Instgra (dolutegravir);
  • Virem;
  • Zidine;
  • Efcure;
  • Atazor;
  • Empetus (ritonavir).
Hetero Drugs Limited An Indian pharma company. It’s the largest manufacturer of anti-retroviral meds for the treatment of HIV/AIDS (both branded and generics).
  • Virataz R (atazanavir & ritonavir);
  • generic drugs with didanosine;
  • Trustiva (efavirenz + emtricitabine + tenofovir disoproxil fumarate);
  • generic meds with indinavir;
  • Stag;
  • Nelfin (nelfinavir);
  • generic drugs with nevirapine;
  • Saquin (saquinavir);
  • Heptavir;
  • Tenolam;
  • Ritocom;
  • Naivex;
  • Estiva (efavirenz);
  • Abalam (abacavir & lamivudine);
  • Tafero-EM;
  • Naivex Tafero-EM (dolutegravir+tenofovir alafenamide+emtricitabine);
  • Instgra;
  • Tafero-EM;
  • Tenof-EM;
  • Heftenam.

Those are some of the generics each company markets. There are other big companies not listed that make the same generics of the original drug – tenofovir. If you’re looking to buy the ultimate generic, there are some important factors you might like to consider. We’ll cover this in the next topic.

👍How to Choose the Right Tenofovir Manufacturer?

There are various generic drugs from different manufacturers producing the generic versions of tenofovir medication. Good news is that there are several generic versions as listed above that has been approved by the U.S. FDA and WHO for treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Most people question the difference between the generic and brand-name version of tenofovir. In this regard, both drugs have the same drug formulation, functionality, quality as well as effectiveness. The only big difference is its cost. Generic drugs are extremely very cheap than their brand-name versions.

When choosing the right tenofovir manufacturer, there are various factors to consider. We’ll look at some few to help you get started. Branded medication is the safest option, although it’s rather expensive. There are many reliable manufacturers (as listed above) that provide quality and cheap drugs.

If you choose to buy tenofovir online, it’s best to look for the supplier that sells the generic version at an extremely cheaper price. There exist various distributors that sell their generic anti-HIV drugs globally and you should be keen in choosing the one that fulfills all your needs.

There are those manufacturers that are within your country while others are far away and needs some few weeks for your orders to arrive. Most of the top manufacturers (or distributors) deliver their orders in one to two weeks depending on a customer location.

Buying locally is cheaper compared to international purchases that include a shipping fee. For cheap generics, look for a nearby pharmacy that has a well reputable profile in providing quality generics.

Furthermore, having been accessed by your doctor, he or she should give you a proper anti-HIV drug prescription that you can use to treat HIV. With that, you can proceed to perform thorough research on the best manufacturer with the lowest price possible [5].


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