Truvada for PrEP: Honest Reviews of Users

We’ve put together this resource on real Truvada reviews to help you learn what patients think about Truvada and how it affects them. You probably have questions about side effects, the difference in experience between Truvada and generics, and what the experts really think about this medication. This article will help you answer these questions.

Prevention from the HIV virus is highly recommended to individuals who are at a high risk of being infected with the virus. But oftentimes, we tend to question the efficacy of these drugs. Can it really work for me? How effective and tolerable is it? How about the availability of generics?

These are the worries that most people find answers from other patients’ reviews. It’s necessary to know that reviews are individual feedback about the effect of the drug he/she is using. Efficacy, tolerability, and side effects vary based on adherence to PrEP prescription, health status as well as resistance to Truvada.

💭What Do Patients Think About Truvada?

Most patients are pleased with the efficacy and experiences using Truvada. Side effects are generally mild and resolve over time with continual use of this med.

People choose to visit their doctor and ask about Truvada for many reasons. Some say that Truvada provides them with peace of mind when exposing themselves to partners who may have HIV or those with unknown status. Engaging in sexual activity, especially in an area with high prevalence to virus exposure is highly risky and PrEP is highly recommended.

While condoms can supply protection against HIV infection, they are not 100% effective. Having a medication available to supplement their protection makes them feel less anxiety when engaging in sexual activity [1].

Other patients report that Truvada is essential to the maintenance of their relationships with HIV positive partners. They are now able to remain HIV negative despite their partner testing positive. This can help those in these situations have full and lasting relationships.

Here are some honest Truvada reviews from Truvada users:

I’ve been taking Truvada for over a year now as PrEP. I needed something that would let me live life, I sometimes forget to use condoms and live in a large city, so I was always worried about exposure to HIV. I’ve stayed HIV negative and haven’t had any real complications. My doctor says my labs are good and I didn’t notice any bad side effects when I started.

My partner finally persuaded me to ask my doctor about Truvada. I’m HIV negative, and He’s HIV positive, taking drugs to manage his condition. I was worried I would become infected if we were engaged in sex, so we avoided this area of our relationship. We were both frustrated. I decided to try this med and am glad I did. We have a full and healthy relationship now. I did have some headaches when I started and felt nauseous for about a month. Slowly these symptoms went away, and I don’t notice them at all. Overall, Truvada has made a positive difference in our lives.

I contracted a different STI and visited my doctor. He prescribed simple antibiotics and I was good to go. She also recommended that I begin taking Truvada every day to prevent HIV. I gave it a try and I didn’t notice any changes in my health. I went in for my routine check-ups and lab work and my doctor told me my kidneys were not tolerating the Truvada. Thankfully, I’m HIV negative, but I had to stop taking Truvada and stick to condoms only.

Being on Medicare, the cost of PrEP was prohibitive. Finding allowed me to continue my daily use. Thank you for keeping it affordable.

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🤕Real Reviews About Side Effects

You may worry about the serious side effects associated with Truvada. Like the above last review. However, you will want to visit your doctor for regular lab work to make sure that this med is not causing any complications that are not showing themselves as physical symptoms.

During the first month or so of using Truvada for PrEP, users who have side effects complain about nausea, vomiting, and fatigue. It’s important to note that most patients notice no side effects at all. If there are effects, most of these quickly go away as your body adapts to the medication.

Here are a couple of honest reviews particularly based on the side effects. Some can be moderate while others can be serious enough (mostly to the kidney), and stopping medication can be recommended only by a medical specialist [2].

I take Truvada daily. I’ve been on it for over 2 years. It’s expensive, but for me, it’s worth it. I’ve had zero issues with my bloodwork and follow up with my doctor as he tells me. I did have horrible nausea when I first started taking it. This lasted around a month and I thought about getting off the drug because of it. I stopped taking Truvada in the mornings and switched to taking it before bed. I think this helped me break nausea and stay on medicine.

I noticed right away that I felt tired when I got on Truvada for PrEP. I’m not sure if Truvada interrupted my sleep patterns or what, but I was tired and less energetic. I stay on Truvada because I think it’s a fair price to pay for the insurance that Truvada provides versus condoms alone. We don’t always use them and not every partner I’ve had has been 100% honest with me about their history.

👨‍⚕️Expert Opinion: Is Truvada Recommended by Healthcare Providers?

So, we’ve shown you what patients think, but what do the doctors and other health care providers think about Truvada and its generics for PrEP?

Our team at HIVPrEP asked doctors their opinions about Truvada. Here’s what we found.

Most doctors consider Truvada to provide up to 99% or more protection against HIV infection when used properly. It must be taken daily and for at least 7 days before sexual activity to provide higher protection against exposure. The best scenario is to use Truvada in addition to using condoms or other sexual methods to prevent.

Doctors perceived that condoms are not used every time. They generally feel that since HIV is a serious health issue, having a medication that can reduce the risk of HIV infection is beneficial [3].

From their perspective, most side effects are minor and as long as patients come in for routine testing and lab work, there are no known serious risks for using Truvada. The only thing that these providers pointed out was that some users do not realize that Truvada does not offer any protection against other STIs. If you are in a non-exclusive relationship, you’ll want to take additional measures to protect yourself.

⚖Branded Medication Vs Generics: User Experience

Most of the users we talked to were on the branded version of Truvada, while some were using a generic analog to provide protection. There is no difference (in terms of quality or efficacy) using the branded version versus the generic one.

Generic meds may come in different names. Make sure the drug you choose contains both tenofovir and emtricitabine (TDF/FTC). In some meds, you can usually distinguish this by the letters “EM” after the drug name, for example, Ricovir-EM.

Generic meds contain the same drug efficacy and tolerability as branded TDF/FTC. And they must be approved before being released to the market.

📜The Bottom Line

Truvada and its generics offer substantial protection for HIV negative individuals who may be exposed to the virus during sexual activity. Side effects are usually outweighed by the enhanced protection and reduction in anxiety they deliver.

It is important to work with your doctor when taking this or other meds. Routine health test is required to ensure that you are not suffering from any serious complications. Generics can be an affordable choice, just be sure to choose a reputable manufacturer with a solid track record.


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