How to Get Truvada for Free?

Numerous studies have proven that PrEP treatment really helps to prevent HIV infection. The article presents the main ways of how to get free PrEP drugs.

Truvada is one of the most popular PrEP drugs. It is used to prevent HIV infection, and its effectiveness, provided when used correctly reaches 99% [1]. The price of this drug is quite high, and with regular use, this can become a problem because the drug is effective only with continuous use. Can its cost be reduced or maybe you get this drug for free? Yes, it is possible, and after reading this article you will know how to do it.

📌Tips Before Starting Truvada for PrEP

Before you buy this medicine, you must make sure of certain things, namely:

  • You shouldn’t be infected with HIV. The drug is intended to prevent infection, but in the presence of the disease, it can be used only as part of therapy prescribed by a doctor. Therefore, be sure to make HIV test before buying Truvada. It is recommended to be tested for HIV every three months while using the medication;
  • Be sure to take an HIV test if you have flu symptoms – fatigue, aching joints, sore throat, headache, especially if these symptoms appeared shortly before taking Truvada;
  • Truvada is a reliable protection mean, but it doesn’t guarantee 100% safety. If possible, don’t refuse condoms, as the combination of these two products will provide you with maximum protection against HIV;
  • Make tests for STDs regularly, as some of them increase the risk of becoming infected with HIV;
  • Find out your partner’s HIV status. If he is sick but takes special medications, your risk of becoming infected is lower.

In some cases, the use of PrEP drug is unacceptable. For example, if you already have HIV, then Truvada may complicate future treatment. For HIV infected people the drug must be taken only in combination with other medicines and only according to the regimen prescribed by the doctor. If you have hepatitis, don’t cancel PrEP without consulting your doctor. Before taking, read the list of contraindications and side effects and evaluate your health state. If you have any doubts about it, then consult with a specialist [2].

Being on Medicare, the cost of PrEP was prohibitive. Finding allowed me to continue my daily use. Thank you for keeping it affordable.

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💊How to Get PrEP Tablets for Free?

As mentioned above, Truvada is quite an expensive drug, which, on the condition of long and regular use, isn’t available to everyone. Therefore, the question of how to get Truvada for free is very relevant for people who need HIV protection. Fortunately, extended insurance almost always covers PrEP and the most well-known of which are Medicaid and Medicare. As a rule, such insurance is available for most people, but if you have other insurance that doesn’t cover PrEP, then the surcharge may be too high for you. This isn’t a reason to refuse the drug, as there are several other options to buy the drug much cheaper or even get it for free.

📃Gilead Advancing Access Program

If you don’t have health insurance, or if it doesn’t cover PrEP, then you can use the Gilead Advancing Access Program. It offered by Gilead company, which produces PrEP, including the original Truvada. In order to take advantage of this program, you need to know what options the Gilead Advancing Access Program offers.

If you have insurance that doesn’t cover HIV prevention drugs, then Gilead offers a coupon discount of $300. If at the same time you make an additional payment of insurance for the same amount or less, then this will be a very profitable solution for you – in fact, you will receive medicines for free [3].

If your insurance company denied you an extended insurance plan that covers PrEP, then Gilead can contact your insurer and appeal that decision. In most cases, people were able to get the desired insurance.

If you don’t know what insurance plans cover HIV prevention medication, then contact Gilead. You will be provided with detailed information and valuable recommendations.

Gilead is a manufacturer who cares not only about the quality of its product but also about its availability. This company is trying to make their products available to those people who need them.

💼Commercial Medical Insurance

If you don’t have state insurance, then there is no reason to despair, as there are a lot of commercial organizations with which you can get PrEP at an affordable price. Below is a list of them.

  1. Patient Advocate Foundation. This is a program that can be used by people with medical insurance. People who are below the poverty line in terms of income (less than 400%) can use this program to pay off the cost of medicines. Each program participant may receive an additional $7,500 per year in order to cover the cost of special medicines.
  2. Patient Access Network Foundation (PAN). Suitable for those who have medical insurance and are below the poverty line (less than 500%). Such people, when confirming their income, can count on the assistance of $7,500 per year to pay off the cost of PrEP.
  3. Partnership for Prescription Assistance. This is a great option for people who have state insurance but need additional payments to cover PrEP. A prescription assistance partnership doesn’t provide real financial assistance but provides information on programs that can help in this situation.
  4. PrEP Locator. This is a resource that helps to find PrEP providers for people with not extended insurance.
  5. PleasePrEPMe. A resource that has a lot of necessary information. Just visit the homepage and find what you need.

Even with small insurance, you shouldn’t refuse drugs that are able to protect your health and help to avoid a deadly disease.

🏛Government Programs

There are several government insurance programs that cover PrEP. These include Medicaid, Medicare – they either fully cover the purchase of these drugs or allow a small surcharge. There is also the AIDS Drug Assistance Programs, which provides financial support to people in need of HIV prevention. So far, it works in all USA states. As mentioned above, Gilead biopharmaceutical company is ready to provide you with a list of state medical insurance plans that can significantly reduce the cost of HIV medications for you. If you want to get insurance, you will get it.

🏥How to Get Truvada for Free Without Insurance?

All of the above methods help to get PrEP for free or at a significant discount only if you have at least some kind of insurance. Can a person count on a cheap purchase of necessary drugs, if he or she has no insurance at all? Yes, this option is possible. To do this, it’s necessary to contact the patient care program for financial support, which was founded by Gilead [4]. In order to use this program, it’s important to follow the next steps:

  • get a doctor’s prescription for medication;
  • have a negative HIV test result;
  • get a document confirming that your income is less than 500% of the poverty level;
  • confirm that you live in the United States. You can provide invoices for payments, bills from banks, etc.

After everything is done, you need to register in the program via the internet. Gilead employees will answer all your questions in detail and provide all the information you need. After confirming that all conditions have been met, you will receive a supply of medicines for six months. After that, you can extend the care by providing fresh information about a negative HIV test.


Above were given the simple ways of getting help in the purchase of PrEP without insurance, but they aren’t suitable for everyone. So, there are middle-income people who just don’t want to spend big sums on drugs, someone doesn’t want to report about their incomes a third party, while others don’t have the desire or time to spend on paperwork. If this is your case, then buying a PrEP generic will be the best solution. These drugs aren’t produced by Gilead, but by the Indian companies. They produce medications according to approved recipes and the main difference is the price. You don’t need a prescription for the purchase of generics, and their low cost allows not to waste time on insurance. Visit HIVPrEP for additional information about Indian generics.


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