Can You Buy Tenvir-EM in Singapore?

Looking for ways to buy Tenvir-EM in Singapore? There are several legal sources you can use to get Tenvir either for your PrEP strategy or for anti-HIV treatment. Tenvir-EM is approved and among the best drugs helping millions of people for prevention and treatment for HIV.

Tenvir-EM is a drug manufactured by Cipla. It’s a highly effective med having TDF/FTC active substances which are usually prescribed for PrEP, PEP and HIV treatment. Prevention from acquiring HIV is the best strategy rather than treatment [1].

At HIVPrEP, we give you informational tips on how to get this medication in Singapore. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for a 30-day supply of PrEP meds. Here is how to spend less and get more quality meds.

✅Is Tenvir-EM Available in Singapore?

Tenvir-EM contains two active substances used in HIV prevention (as PrEP) as well as treatment for HIV/AIDS (as anti-HIV). It’s used alone as PrEP, but used with another drug of antiretrovirals to combat HIV infection in the body.

Tenvir-EM is a generic version of Gilead’s Truvada med which is recommended by the FDA as a highly effective drug in HIV prevention and treatment. Many people are now at ease using it either as prevention when they are highly exposed to the virus or when used as a treatment [2].

It works just like Truvada, providing more than 92% efficacy in protection against virus acquisition. If used as prescribed, its protection can go up to 99% or more [3].

This medicine can be bought from various legal sources in Singapore. There are both branded and generic medications. The choice depends on your preference and the amount you can spend. You can even opt to choose a more private approach and get it via mail order without prescription.

Being on Medicare, the cost of PrEP was prohibitive. Finding allowed me to continue my daily use. Thank you for keeping it affordable.

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💊How to Get Tenvir-EM?

Generic Tenvir-EM has the same active medicines (ingredients) as Truvada, which is approved in this country. Its efficacy and tolerability are exactly the same as those of Truvada for PrEP and anti-HIV treatment [4].

This medication can be bought either with a doctor’s prescription or over the counter at an online pharmacy via mail order. There are several clinics, pharmacies, private and government hospitals that sell PrEP and anti-HIV meds.

Although prices differ, it’s best to choose a drugstore that covers all your needs at a reduced cost. Choosing a reliable drugstore is also beneficial especially when considering ordering from an online drugstore. Avoid fake suppliers that are eager to rip you off no matter how little you can afford to spend.

Perform extensive research and get an online supplier that has a genuine customer base, is secured with encryption and an SSL certificate, has diverse modes of payment, sells only approved meds, has favorable shipping options, as well as the general outlook of the website among other factors.


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