Can You Buy Tenvir-EM in Canada?

HIV is a sensitive disease and requires that the drugs being taken for treatment, be followed consistently. Tenvir-EM is a good drug for preventive treatment, and while it works, consistency is required for max protection to be achieved. Fortunately, Canadians do not have a problem, as they can get it without a doctor’s prescription. Read more to learn how.

Since the detection of HIV/AIDS in Canada in 1982, there has been a continuous increase in the number of infected persons. In fact, each year, about 2,400 people get infected with HIV. I.e, the virus is spreading gradually, and with such a situation at hand, looking around, PrEP is the ultimate remedy.

Good thing Truvada, as well as its generic alternatives such as Tenvir-EM, Ricovir-EM, and Tenof-EM, are approved for the treatment of HIV in Canada, they can be obtained very easily, even without a prescription. What’s more, insurance coverage is available, and you can get one if you qualify for it. With insurance coverage, PrEP can be gotten anywhere between $250 and $1,000 [1].

However, Insurance does not cover the cost of these drugs in any way for use as PrEP (i.e. for preventive treatment) in injection-related cases.

Being on Medicare, the cost of PrEP was prohibitive. Finding allowed me to continue my daily use. Thank you for keeping it affordable.

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🤔Is Tenvir-EM Available in Canada?

Yes, Tenvir-EM is available in Canada. It is approved and prescribed as an antiretroviral medicine used for the treatment of HIV [1]. Currently, Gilead Sciences, the manufacturer of Truvada has submitted an application to Health Canada to obtain official approval for Truvada to be used for PrEP.

Regardless, Tenvir-EM is available in Canada. It can be gotten from certain clinics, but users have to be physically present to get it. The med is also available online through online pharmacies, and users can make orders and have the parcel delivered to their preferred location.

📌Useful Tips to Buying Tenvir-EM in Canada

More often than not, a prescription is required to be able to purchase Tenvir-EM in Canada, especially when it’s being imported. However, this does not rule out the fact that it can be obtained without a prescription.

In Canada, Tenvir-EM may be obtained from sexual clinics. However, if it is not available in your local area, or you do not meet the eligibility criteria after assessments, you may get it imported. Importing Tenvir-EM is legal as long as it is solely for personal use and not for resale purposes.

If for whatever reason, you decide to import Tenvir-EM (buy online), it is very important to see a doctor and take some HIV-related tests [2]. The tests involved will be the same as those you would have if you were getting the drug from a clinic. They include tests for:

  • kidney function;
  • sexually transmitted infections;
  • regular HIV screening tests.

Having these tests done will ensure you utilize this drug very safely.

Very importantly, people looking to buy Tenvir-EM online should be sure to buy from reliable online pharmacies only. This is to make sure they are getting genuine pills and not counterfeit which may result in discomfort or some serious complications.

Users are therefore advised against buying this drug from untraceable sources or those yet to be verified.

📋How to Get Tenvir-EM Without Doctor’s Prescription?

In most cases, as stated earlier, a prescription is required for PrEP if you’re getting it from a clinic, and even from some online pharmacies. However, there are certain online pharmacies which sell Tenvir-EM without a doctor’s prescription. People looking to get the drug online without a prescription are advised to do it safely.

So, if you’re buying without a prescription, here’s how to get it. Find a reliable online pharmacy having lots of verified reviews, and sells without a prescription. There is a handful of them out there. Go through the reviews on the site to confirm that their product is of standard and they render quality service. Select the number of pills you need, fill in your address and make your order. That’s it, your parcel will be delivered to you.

In the bid to get Tenvir-EM without prescription, certain people go through informal means such as buying from contacts, friends and some other sources which can not be verified. This is wrong and could be unsafe. Users are therefore advised to stick to traceable and verifiable sources.


In a nutshell, you can buy Tenvir-EM in Canada with or without prescription. So, if you live in Canada, it is legal to buy this drug from a local pharmacy or import (buy online) from a trustworthy online pharmacy. However, buyers are advised against buying more than 3 months worth of Tenvir-EM in a go.

Looking to get more information about HIV/AIDS, PrEP, PEP, and treatment/preventive options that are available, you can check HIVPrEP. We’ve got lots of comprehensive articles and necessary guides centered on these areas.


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