Tenvir-EM for PrEP – Side Effects

Anti-HIV meds are the ultimate remedies helping millions of HIV-1 infected people. Individuals afflicted with this virus go through various medical challenges caused by weaker immune function. However, there are easily available and cost-effective ways to address this condition with the use of anti-HIV meds like Tenvir-EM tabs.

Tenvir-EM, an antiretroviral drug from Cipla Pharmaceuticals, is a daily med taken along with other safer sex practices to reduce the risk of becoming infected. It’s also important to be fully informed about safe sex and HIV infection methods. In most cases, you should conduct follow-ups while under PrEP treatment. You’re required to visit your doctor or healthcare provider every 12 weeks for testing. Where in doubt, ask your doctor for advice.

HIV usually attacks the body’s white blood cells (also known as CD4+ cells) – immune cells that play a vital role in protecting and fighting external harmful infections that find opportunities to enter into the body. When these cells are attacked, the immune system becomes weaker making other external harmful opportunistic viruses (infections) to easily enter your body. As the CD4+ becomes weaker and weaker, the HIV-1 replicates and spread faster resulting in AIDS.

The function of Tenvir-EM is to prevent the virus by slowing down the potential of HIV-1 from replicating and spreading. It strengthens the immune system by increasing the number of CD4+ cells and keeping the number of virus low – making the virus pose a reduced risk of disease development.

While it’s an effective drug for PrEP with higher efficacy and tolerability, there are some side effects and drug reactions (as discussed below) which you must know when using this medication. At HIVPrEP, we only give you detailed and educative resources to help you be informed while using Tenvir-EM.

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💊Tenvir-EM and Side Effects

Tenvir-EM (like its brand-name version, Truvada) is accredited as a well-tolerated med for PrEP with few side effects [1]. Like most medications, this drug has some minor, moderate and a few major side effects to a handful of individuals using it to prevent and treat HIV infection.

Minor (and short-term) Tenvir-EM side effects:

  • nausea;
  • depression;
  • back pain;
  • abdominal cramping;
  • diarrhea;
  • vomiting;
  • weight loss;
  • dizziness;
  • headache;
  • fatigue.

These minor effects arise in the first or 2 weeks of medicating with PrEP and usually resolve and vanish in the next few weeks without stopping the medicine.

Long-term side effects involve the risk of kidney function problems and gradually decrease bone mineral density. It’s important to seek assistance from your doctor before stopping the medication with Tenvir-EM.

Lactic acidosis is another serious effect reported when taking Tenvir-EM pills [2], [3]. The primary cause of this fatal condition is due to a buildup surplus of lactic acid in the blood caused by liver damage. The effects of this condition may lead to pancreatitis, renal failure, or liver failure. When you experienced the following symptoms within a few weeks of treatment, immediately seek medical help from a specialist or doctor to check if its lactic acidosis problem. Signs include difficulty breathing, nausea, weight loss, vomiting, and abdominal pain, appetite loss, and motor weakness.

💬What Are The Common User Complaints?

What do users say about this drug? Tenvir-EM reacts differently to most people. Being the most efficacy and tolerable med, complaints are typically the short-term effects that fade away after some days. Some users report bad anxiety and depression due to sleep disorders after taking Tenvir-EM at night.

A small percentage complain about some motion sickness and itching which disappear in a short while. Increased heart rate is also another complaint by a small percentage of people using this drug as a PrEP.

If you take this drug without your doctor’s approval, you’re likely to experience various side effects that might harm your health. It’s necessary to check your health status prior to using Tenvir-EM.

Diseases such as kidney and liver (among others) are highly monitored while under this medication. If you take Tenvir-EM, the drug might initiate an adverse effect that needs some special medical attention. Be safe. Consult your medical specialist first if you’re planning to take an anti-HIV med and every time you encounter any strange symptom.

🤒Are There Any Serious Adverse Reactions?

It’s important to note that several meds interact with Tenvir-EM [4]. With the help of a doctor, it is necessary not to take those drugs while you are using Tenvir-EM for PrEP or be used with supervised or close monitoring to prevent adverse effects. The decision depends on the seriousness of the drug treatment.

For example:

  • didanosine for HIV. This med may raise blood levels and effects its normal function if mixed with Tenvir-EM;
  • other retrovirals meds like ritonavir affect how Tenvir-EM function and likely to cause adverse reactions;
  • atazanavir for HIV and its related meds are affected by Tenvir-EM;
  • meds that can affect the kidneys (especially diclofenac and adefovir as well as other NSAIDs drugs) should not be combined with Tenvir-EM.

In summary, it’s important not to use Tenvir-EM drug in combination with or while under medications for the treatment of hepatitis B, bone toxicity, renal dysfunction, hepatotoxicity, and liver disease.

📝Important Precautions and Warnings

To ensure Tenvir-EM for HIV-1 PrEP used as prescribed and taken safely, there are some important drug contraindications, precautions, and warnings which you should strictly adhere to minimize potential harmful reactions and side effects [5].

Prior to using this medication, it’s best to inform your doctor on the drugs (both prescription and OTC) as well as herbal remedies that you use. This helps prevent potential adverse effects that may harm your health if used alongside Tenvir-EM pills.

Patients who had earlier been treated with hepatitis B should be closely monitored since the usage of Tenvir-EM tablets might lead to the return of hep B disease. People who discontinue Tenvir-EM run at a higher risk of liver decompensation and liver failure, and it’s strictly recommended that individuals should test for HIV-negative before using this medication for PrEP. If there is presence of hepatitis B, it’s warranted that anti-hepatitis B therapy must be initiated to combat this disease.

Other precautions and warnings:

  • increase concentrations of FTC if used with meds affecting renal function. Don’t combine Tenvir-EM with drugs such as acyclovir, cidofovir, aminoglycosides, ganciclovir, adefovir dipivoxil, valacyclovir, high-dose, and valganciclovir or various NSAIDs;
  • drugs interactions. Some drugs interact with Tenvir-EM tablets and it may alter how the body reacts with those medications. Close monitoring or suspension (or avoidance) should be decided by your doctor. For examples meds from NRTI, HIV-1 protease inhibitors and hepatitis C antiviral agents should be closely monitored;
  • using nucleoside analogs including Tenvir-EM may lead to acute hepatomegaly with steatosis (lactic acidosis);
  • there is a risk of new onset and/or aggravating of renal impairment since Tenvir-EM are predominantly eliminated by the kidney;
  • Tenvir-EM for PrEP is only used as part of an inclusive prevention strategy in addition to other prevention tips or measures, like safer sex practices, Tenvir-EM is not an ultimate (always effective) strategy in averting HIV-1 acquisition.

There are other warnings a specialist should inform you based on your health condition. Your health is important. Follow your doctor’s drug prescription and other instructions to safely use Tenvir-EM and prevent side effects.

👨‍⚕️How to Cope with Side Effects Correctly?

Side effects are common in most medicines. Effects range from minor, moderate to major. Minor effects are those that are known to be triggered within a few weeks under Tenvir-EM medication and fades away itself after some time without stopping the medication. Drug reaction can happen for a short period while the body adjusts to the medication.

It’s advisable to closely monitor any signs that may appear after taking this drug. Some signs may portray itself as normal but the underlying effect may be serious.

An effect such as nausea can be minimized by taking the tablet during or soon after a meal. A doctor can prescribe for you to take a form of paracetamol to assist in alleviating headaches if you’re experiencing headaches.

Discuss with a specialist on the first precautions and what you should do before taking Tenvir-EM. If you experience strange effects (that don’t disappear or a getting worse), don’t hesitate. Visit your doctor or a specialist for medical help. Don’t stop mediation alone without a recommendation from your doctor.


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