Are HIV Drugs for PrEP Available in the UK?

You don’t have to worry about how you can get HIV PrEP drugs to protect yourself. There are various ways to achieve this in the UK. But the question is, are you following the recommended PrEP guidelines for higher protection?

There are various ways about how to get PrEP HIV UK. The cost can be a factor to consider, but thanks to the introduction of generic pre-exposure prophylaxis drugs that work exactly as their brand-name counterparts, it can be bought cheaper. Truvada for PrEP is a widely-used brand-name medicine used by individuals who engage in sexual intercourse with various people with unknown HIV statuses, thereby putting themselves at a higher risk of contracting the virus.

HIVPrEP is an informational site helping you to know more about PrEP drugs in the United Kingdom. If you’re living in the UK, this article is right for you. We’ll cover the availability of pre-exposure prophylaxis medication in the UK, how you can get cost-effective medication, and guidelines to use the right medication from trusted suppliers.

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💊Availability of HIV PrEP Drugs in the UK

The UK is at the forefront of combating HIV/AIDS. Several programs have been put in place to ensure people are informed on the use of pre-exposure prophylaxis through education and guidelines on how best they can protect themselves alongside using safer sex practices [1], [2].

Safer sex measures are highly effective if used as recommended rather than using medication. Pre-exposure prophylaxis drugs act as an added protection which you must use alongside these practices to attain greater protection from the HIV-1 infection.

Having approved Truvada and its generics, the United Kingdom provides various ways for its citizens to order and get prescription medications from various sources.

PrEP is available in government clinics, approved/regulated pharmacies across the country, and the internet. Thousands of people buy their HIV prevention drugs from UK-based or online pharmacies due to their cheaper cost.

🔍How to Get PrEP Meds in the UK?

Each UK County has its own established measures on how pre-exposure prophylaxis drugs can be accessed by the public through some eligibility criteria.

In England, there is a PrEP Impact Trial (started in 2016) providing pre-exposure prophylaxis medication and assessment to more than 10,000 individuals over 16 years of age (who are at a high risk of being infected with the virus) to reduce their risk of acquiring HIV. This trial spans over 3 years after which an assessment will be done and it can be increased to 26,000 individuals upon agreement [3].

In Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, this medication is provided through NHS sexual health clinics.

You can also visit a medical specialist who can prescribe you this medication. With the right prescription, you can easily buy pre-exposure prophylaxis drugs online and have them delivered for your personal use toward HIV protection.

If you need PrEP but are unable to buy it or can’t access it on the NHS, we’d recommend you to apply to the Mags Portman PrEP Access Fund, a program issued by Terrence Higgins Trust. It covers the cost of buying PrEP online for individuals who rely on benefits and/or have no income.

📃Main Guidelines for Consumers in Region

Make sure you visit a medical specialist before administering PrEP. You must have the right prescription, know your HIV status, and you must be HIV-negative. If you have been diagnosed with HIV, then pre-exposure prophylaxis medication is not for you. Your doctor can further analyze your health before suggesting HIV/AIDS prescription. Taking PrEP when you’re infected with the virus means you could develop a resistance to the anti-HIV meds you may need for HIV/AIDS treatment.

Buying generic PrEP online is cheaper and available without a prescription. Make sure you order from the right online pharmacy approved in your country. Based on your doctor’s prescription, you may choose to order any of these HIV PrEP generic drugs – Ricovir-EM, Tenvir-EM, and Tenof-EM. The cost of these drugs might be below £90 depending on your preferred online drugstore.

These generics are recommended by the U.S. FDA and the WHO.

When in doubt on your PrEP, always visit your medical specialist for guidelines and further assistance. You must also comply with three-month follow-up testing to check your HIV status and other infections.

⬇The Bottom Line

The UK provides its citizens with various means to get antiviral drugs at a cheaper cost. Some programs may provide you with these medications for free. It’s very important to know that ordering an unapproved generic drug may harm your health.

Reach out to your health adviser, doctor, or nurse at a sexual health clinic in your region to help you with a health test and the prescription you need to take antiviral drugs safely. Note that pre-exposure prophylaxis medications can have side effects. Correct use of the medication can lower the chances of adverse effects.

It’s beneficial to understand the BHIVA-BASHH position statement on PrEP in the UK and adjust your sexual behavior to stay safe [4]. Never miss a dose or use this drug alone without other safer sex measures. By this, you risk infecting yourself with the virus.


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