Truvada (TDF and EM) + Antibiotics

There is no data on Truvada’s interaction with antibiotics. This does not mean interaction cannot occur. If you are to administer this drug with any antibiotic, consult with a medical specialist for help.

Uses of Truvada

Truvada has several uses. (1) As anti-HIV treatment for infected patients, it’s used in combination with other antiretroviral meds to prevent the virus from multiplying in the patient’s body. (2) As a PrEP drug, it is used alone with other safer sex methods to prevent virus acquisition in individuals who are highly exposed to the virus and likely to be infected. (3) As a PEP medicine in combination with another med to prevent the virus from entering the body after possible exposure (occupational or non-occupational) [1].

Can Truvada Be Used with Antibiotics?

There is no information regarding drug interaction between Truvada and antibiotics. The latter may interact with nonantibiotic meds, resulting in enhanced or decreased activity of the antibiotic or other drugs.

Most antibiotics are highly potent against gram-positive bacteria. Although these meds are well tolerated, several macrolide antibiotics have been linked to liver injury. TDF and EM are also one of the contributing factors to hepatotoxicity and related risk factors. With this information, there is no research done associated with these two-drug combinations [2] [3].

Because both ingredients can increase the risk of liver injury, it’s necessary to consult with a medical provider to assess the drugs you are using and if Truvada can be coadministered. Give all the details of the drugs you are using including herbs and vitamins. If the patient is taking Truvada with an antibiotic, it’s necessary to monitor liver function. The assessment should be done before and during treatment. This is beneficial, especially in patients diagnosed with hepatic health conditions.


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