Tivicay (Dolutegravir) + Antibiotics

There is no information on administering Tivicay along with antibiotics. This does not mean no interaction exists. Always consult with a medical specialist to determine if the antibiotic you are taking can be mixed with Tivicay.

Uses of Tivicay

Tivicay is used to treat HIV/AIDS. It belongs to the drug class called INSTI that is highly potent against viral replication by inhibiting the action of the viral vital enzymes.

Tivicay has the active substance dolutegravir that must be used together with other antiretrovirals for the med to fully suppress the viral load and boost the CD4+ cell count [1]. It is prescribed for patients weighing ≥30 kg either as a treatment-experienced or treatment-naïve.

This med is also indicated to be administered in combination with rilpivirine as a regimen replacement of the current anti-HIV therapy, especially in patients having HIV RNA <50 copies/mL and the stable regimen of more than 6 months with no history of treatment failure or known substitutions related with resistance to rilpivirine or dolutegravir.

 Antibiotics with Tivicay Interaction

There are no clinical tests taken based on antibiotics and Tivicay interactions. Since there is no data on the current product combination, side effects and health consequences cannot be ruled out. Do not combine medications alone without a recommendation from a medical specialist.

This drug can worsen or increase the chances of liver problems and other risk factors during treatment. This is common in patients with a history of hep B or C infection [2].

Antibiotics, especially macrolides, are highly active against many gram-positive bacteria. Although these antibiotics are well-tolerated, most of these macrolides are known to cause liver injury and its related conditions [3].

Since the two substances can cause serious liver problems, it is necessary not to coadminister antibiotics with HIV drugs without the help of a medical specialist. Your health is paramount. If it’s necessary to use these combinations, your doctor may assess your health including blood testing to check your liver prior to taking medications.


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