Tivicay (Dolutegravir) Vs Stribild (Elvitegravir / Cobicistat / Emtricitabine / Tenofovir)

Stribild cannot be coadministered with any other antiretroviral med, including Tivicay, as interactions can be adverse and can harm your health. Consult with a medical specialist for the right prescription.

What Is Tivicay?

Tivicay is an anti-HIV med used together with other antiretroviral medicines to effectively treat the virus. It’s a highly potent drug that functions to prevent viral replication and damaging the immune system by suppressing the viral load and boosting the CD4+ cell count.

It belongs to the INSTI class of drugs with dolutegravir as an active substance [1].

Main Information About Stribild

Stribild is 4 medicines in 1 tablet. It’s a complete anti-HIV regimen that must be administered alone without other antiretroviral meds in HIV infected individuals aged 12 and older. It comes as a combination of elvitegravir, emtricitabine, cobicistat, and tenofovir active ingredients [2].

Being a highly potent med, Stribild is prescribed for treatment-naive individuals or those who need to switch their current meds, including patients who have been on the same anti-HIV drug therapy for not less than 6 months, whose viral load less than 50 copies/mL, and have never failed previous HIV regimen.

Distinctive Features: Tivicay (Dolutegravir) Vs Stribild

There is a potential major drug interaction between the two medicines if coadministered. Stribild is prescribed for use as a complete anti-HIV regimen and must not be combined with other antiretroviral meds [3]. Do not coadminister both meds as side effects can be adverse.

There is no significant pharmacokinetic interaction between TDF and dolutegravir. Based on the clinical test, dolutegravir AUC elevated by 1%, but Ctrough and Cmax decreased by 8% and 3%, respectively. Tenofovir-DF Cmax, AUC, and Ctrough elevated by 9%, 12%, and 19%, respectively [4].

Although a combination of dolutegravir with emtricitabine has not been studied, there is no clinically significant interaction based on their metabolism and elimination. In this case, there is no need for dosage adjustment.


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