Tivicay (Dolutegravir) + Alcohol

Tivicay can be used with alcohol without any major drug interaction. Depending on your health, it’s necessary to consult with a medical specialist before combining this med with alcohol.

Main Information About Tivicay

Tivicay is a highly effective medication used to treat HIV/AIDS. It belongs to the INSTI group of drugs with dolutegravir as an active substance. Tivicay cannot be used alone. For the drug to be highly effective in suppressing viral load and boosting the CD4+ cell count, it is coadministered with other antiretrovirals in accordance with the doctor’s prescription [1].

Tivicay is coadministered with an INSTI in patients weighing ≥30 kg either as a treatment-experienced or treatment-naive. It is also indicated to be used with rilpivirine to replace current ART, especially in virologically suppressed patients (usually HIV-1 RNA <50 copies/mL) with no history of regimen failure or any substitutions associated with resistance to rilpivirine or dolutegravir.

Can Tivicay Be Used with Alcohol?

From clinical tests, there is no significant risk when Tivicay is used with alcohol. The effect is very low since there is little potential for pharmacokinetic interaction. Alcohol is metabolized by alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase.

Note that alcohol has other health consequences and promotes risky behaviors. Intake of this substance can make it hard for a patient undergoing HIV therapy to focus and stick to a daily HIV medication. Nonadherence to prescription such as skipping a dose can cause HIV drug resistance and allows the virus to multiply and damage the immune system [2].

Alcohol use can weaken the patient’s immune function, making it difficult for the body to fight opportunistic external infections and certain cancers. It can also damage the liver as well as fasten the rate of side effects [3]. While under HIV therapy, do not drink too much. If possible, avoid it altogether. Always seek advice from a doctor for safe medication without harming your health from the use of these substances [4].


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