Truvada (TDF and EM) + Prezista (Darunavir)

Between Truvada and Prezista, there is a potential possible interaction that might cause harm to your health. If coadministered, a doctor should assess your health and determine if these drugs can be prescribed to you or give you the alternative safer medicines.

What Is Truvada Used For?

Truvada is used to treat HIV or prevent infection from entering the body. It’s a highly effective drug used in combination with other anti-HIV meds to prevent the virus from multiplying in the body and destroying the immune function.

It’s also used as PrEP or PEP by HIV negative individuals to prevent the acquisition of the virus. As PEP therapy, it’s taken in combination with other ARV meds after possible virus exposure (occupational or nonoccupational) [1], [2].

Uses of Prezista (Darunavir)

Prezista is a protease inhibitor prescribed to treat and prevent HIV/AIDS. It has active substance darunavir that is highly potent in preventing the virus from replicating and damaging the patient’s immune system. This drug is used in combination with other ARV medicines to effectively combat HIV [3].

Distinctive Features: Truvada Vs Prezista (Darunavir)

There is no significant interaction between darunavir and emtricitabine. Based on clinical tests, between TDF and darunavir, a slight interaction that results in an increase in the plasma concentrations of both medicines can occur when coadministered.

Darunavir Cmin is increased by 24%, Cmax by 16%, and AUC by 21%. These numbers are compared to how the concentration of TDF is affected due to an effect on MDR1 transport in renal tubules. TDF Cmin, Cmax, and AUC are increased by 37%, 24%, and 22% respectively. Judging by this data, no adjustment in the dosage is needed.

If these meds are coadministered, the patient’s health analysis is paramount. If the patient is diagnosed with renal function problems or taking nephrotoxic agents, close ongoing monitoring of renal function is necessary [4].


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