Sustiva (Efavirenz) + Alcohol

There is no clinical test that tells us about interactions between Sustiva and alcohol. This does not mean interactions do not exist. Alcohol is known to contribute to major adverse effects when co-administered with anti-HIV meds. Consult with a medical specialist before mixing your drugs with alcohol.

What Is Sustiva (Efavirenz)?

Sustiva has efavirenz as the active ingredient. It is a highly potent NNRTIs medicine used in combination with other antiretrovirals to treat HIV. It is administered by mouth on an empty stomach, to lower the chances of possible negative effects [1].

Efavirenz mode of action inhibits the viral enzyme and prohibits the virus from further infecting the T-cells and replicating. This med is not a cure for HIV. It only helps control the infection. Continual use of Sustiva suppresses the viral load, boosts the CD4+ cell count and strengthens the immune function.

Alcohol with Sustiva (Efavirenz) Interaction

Although alcohol does not directly interact with Sustiva, it is known to contribute to other potential negative effects. Drinking too much of this substance can weaken the patient’s immune system. A weaker immune function can’t fight off HIV-related infections or common external opportunistic infections (such as a cold). Also, it increases the possibility of experiencing more frequent and severe side effects of HIV medications [2].

Both Sustiva and alcohol have a major effect on the liver [3]. It’s even more dangerous for HIV-positive individuals living with hep B or C because small amounts of these substances can speed up and worsen liver damage. Co-administering of these two products is not recommended [4]. Your health is paramount. Always get assistance from a medical specialist.


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