Prezcobix (Darunavir and Cobicistat) + Norvir (Ritonavir)

Prezcobix, a combination antiretroviral drug usually administered as a fixed dosage, is not suitable to be used in conjunction with Norvir (ritonavir). Consult your healthcare provider before using both drugs or if there is any transition between medications.

Brief Information About Prezcobix

Prezcobix, which contains two active ingredients (darunavir and cobicistat), is an antiretroviral medicine suitable for the treatment of HIV infection [1]. The main components of Prezcobix are effective in controlling HIV infection. They belong to different classes of HIV inhibitors that function by active attachment to viral enzymes that normally aid the virus in replicating. Darunavir belongs to the group of protease inhibitors, and cobicistat acts as a cytochrome P450 3A inhibitor.

If combined with another right HIV drug and taken as prescribed, it can prevent the virus from progressing into AIDS. It also helps prevent transmission.

Brief Information About Norvir

Norvir is an antiretroviral medication administered in low doses to treat HIV in infected individuals. It is available in solution, tablet and powder form. While the tablet and solution forms are indicated for the treatment of HIV-1 in adolescents and adults, the powder version is meant for treatment in pediatric patients [2]. This drug is generally referred to as an ARV booster.

It has ritonavir as its active ingredient. This antiretroviral agent is classified under the group of protease inhibitors. It is commonly administered with other antiretrovirals and is highly effective. However, it does not guarantee the cure of the infection but rather subdues the proliferation of the virus.

Combination of Prezcobix and Norvir

The active ingredients contained in Prezcobix and Norvir do not go well together. Taking these drugs concomitantly can increase the blood level of either one, and this may lead to a change of action. One study involving the interaction between Prezcobix and ritonavir 100 mg indicated induced hepatitis [3]. The use of both meds simultaneously is strongly discouraged. Discuss with your doctor or healthcare provider to know what works with either drug. They may inform you of better alternatives. What’s more, it is very important to inform your doctor of other drugs or supplements you may be taking before starting treatment with any of these meds.


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