Logan Morris

Hi, my name is Logan Morris, and I’m the founder of HIVPrEP. But, first things first! I’m sure you landed on this page with the aim of knowing who I am or who the founder of this resourceful website is. Welcome as I introduce you on the journey of how I came to build this website and what are my personal goals about HIVPrEP.

I’m sure we all love stories. And by the way, storytelling is part of selling ourselves to other people. All stories have a purpose and mine ain’t different. We tell stories for people to understand us and share our success as we flashback our past life journeys, where we are now, and most definitely where we are heading to.

Short BIO

My name is Logan Morris. I strive to provide comfort and care for our clients through the careful formulation of HIV and PrEP treatments that can potentially save their lives.

After graduating, I have served as a consultant for therapeutic needs especially for patients with complications. I have also held a position in clinical pharmacy preparing medications after reviewing physician orders as well as make custom formulations of products according to patient needs.

I have expert knowledge in pharmaceutical practice including antiviral medicine as well as several other medical-related areas that I promote.

About HIVPrEP Resource

Before I started this website, I had undergone some life-transforming events relating to my family individual who was suffering from HIV. At those times, there wasn’t any resourceful website that can adequately help or provide users with in-depth, real-time data and resources primarily tailored for individuals that suffer from HIV/AIDS or those eager individuals who need to stay protected from contracting this virus.

We had to rely on what the doctor says and sometimes you have to ask yourself, “What if we can find a resourceful hub that can educate people about HIV prevention and treatment?” 

Being motivated, I set on a journey to create this website with all the necessary information for people at high risk of HIV acquisition as well as those who had already contracted the virus. I just wanted to reach out to millions of people (not only my relatives, family or friends) and inform them. 

I was guided by the quote of Mahhat Magandi “Be the change that you want to see in the world” when creating the site. And today, this website is alive because of this quote. I believe with the right information to educate global outreach, we can be part of a mission to fully eradicate this killer virus in the near future.

My Personal Goal

Before coming up with HIVPrEP website, I had several goals including:

  • Making a helpful website with full informational resources where we collect the latest data and research and make them available online to help the patients better understand medications they need on a daily basis;
  • To help people with extremely difficult health problems. I myself understood the need for extensive resources to help those undergoing thorough HIV/AIDS problems know about their condition and how to effectively treat and lead a healthier and happier life; 
  • To popularize HIV topics and create awareness for global masses on how to prevent and safely use HIV medication.

While you are going through our guides and resources, be social and spread the word across your social circles. I believe my journey to help millions of people under high-risk of HIV acquisition or those who have been infected with the virus, would help inspire you to help others stay safe and healthier.

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